Vintage: James Brown Japanese Cup-O-Noodles Commercial (Video)

Dope little spot from 1992 that Ego Trip dug up from YouTube country, featuring the Godfather of Soul helping to promote Cup-O-Noodles in Japan. You know us Japanese folk love some ramen with a side order of funk. Rest In Peace to the best to ever do it!

DJ Rhettmatic - Pure Funkmode (Mixtape)

Linking up with 247HH, DJ Babu Rhettmatic sent this to me yesterday and I meant to post it but to be honest I was too involved with blasting it through my headphones to do anything else with it. You already know Rhett holds it the fuck down on the 1s & 2s and the artists

Shaun Boothe - U.B.J.B. (Unauthorized Biography of James Brown) (Video)

[youtube=] So Lo puts me onto this cat from the T-Dot, Shaun Boothe, who's doing a year-long monthly tribute to 12 musical icons, starting off with one of the G.O.A.T.s James Brown. Seems pretty interesting, so I though I'd share it with the masses.

Meka's Soul Mix EP: Redman's "Tonight's Da Night"

Growing up in the West Coast, a cat like Redman would only get play during the random-ass mixes that would go down either at noon, 5pm of late at night. So hearing Reggie jump all over this track even to this day sends chills down my spine since. Good thing I have a Zune iPod