Saturday Night Sexy: Jasmin Cadavid pt.2

Twitter: @Jasmincadavid/Instagram: jasmincadavid We saw what she was about last year and tonight the Guatemalan/Columbian vixen is back again. Jasmin Cadavid is tonight's Saturday Night Sexy. Check out more of Ms. Cadavid courtesy of Dynasty Series after the jump.

Saturday Night Sexy: Jasmin Cadavid

Follow @JasminCadavid on Twitter. Another Saturday night, another sexy. The Miami-born, Las Vegas and L.A.-residing Guatemalan/Columbian model, who we've caught in videos for 'Sh*t's "Y.U. Mad" and Cam'ron's "Speaking In Tungs" (and a little something for T.I.T.S), is the best thing you'll grace your pupils on, seriously. Dopeheadz, you know what to do...