Jean Grae - Gotham Down: cycle 3: The Artemis Epoch EP (Stream)

Last Saturday Jean Grae quietly released the third cycle of her Gotham Down series. Last Saturday I was (not so) quietly celebrating my birthday. How are those two statements related? One is the reason I didn't get around to posting the other; and I wanted to formally apologize to anyone who missed out because of

Jean Grae - Football Season Is Over

Jean Greasy continues her streak with another heat rock for y'all to vibe out to. And with a release date of October 26th for Gotham Down: cycle II: Leviathan, those that pre-order will receive immediate downloads of both this track and "Fuckery Level 3000" as well as a full download link on the 25th. The way all

Jean Grae - F*ckery Level 3000

Not even a week removed from the release of her Gotham Down: cycle I​ project, Jean Grae is already back with another new joint. Take a listen to the highest level of fuckery below and get ready for cycle II: Leviathan.

Jean Grae - Gotham Down: cycle 1​:​Love In Infinity (Lo​-​Fi)

Straight out of left field, Jean Grae hits us with a six-track EP. Stream above. I think all of our past, present and future spaces are intertwined, all folded into each other. If you change your present, it changes your future and your past. If you recognized that you had the ability to knowingly jump