Jermiside & Danny Diggs - Quiet As Kept (Album Stream)

Following the same formula that went into their 2010 effort Middle Classic, the Atlanta based, Cincinnati-bred emcee Jermiside and Irish producer Danny Diggs return with another batch of dope with Quiet As Kept. 10 original tracks that showcases Jerm's honest lyricism over smooth production from Danny. Stream for free above, cop for a fee on iTunes,

Jermiside & Danny Diggs - Victory Is Mine

Jermiside & Danny follow up Middle Classic (which dropped back in 2010) with a new album titled Quiet As Kept with an attached release date of Oct. 22nd. You can now pre-order via Pledge Music which seems to look sort of like a Kickstarter for music. Peace to KN. PREVIOUS: Jermside (of The Lessondary) –

Jermiside (of The Lessondary) - I Been Down (Video)

Directed Ilyas Nashid Speaking of dope projects, the Lessondary affiliate dropped his own one in late June, though it may have flown over some heads. You can grab that one below as well. PREVIOUS: Jermiside (of The Lessondary) – Live & Let Live (Album)

Ill Poetic - Woke Up f. Jermiside

Originally recorded in 2006; now four years later it's finally being released for the public's enjoyment. Off Ill Poetic's upcoming remix/b-side project with J. Rawls, The World Is Illuminated. DOWNLOAD: Ill Poetic - Woke Up f. Jermiside | Mediafire