Diamond D Meets Juan Epstein

You talk about legends! Man I am excited that this one came together. One of Ciph and my all time favorites. Great stories here about DITC, Fat Joe, Big L, and lots of other awesomeness... - Peter

Prodigy On Saigon, 2Pac, Sickle Cell, Jay-Z, etc (Audio)

With the Black Cocaine EP in stores (and online) now, P sits down with Cipha and Rosenberg for the latest episode of Juan Epstein. Such a great ep with stories from Mobb's early days.. Everything from Saigon's hit and run, beating up soundmen in Miami, alcohol abuse, Sickle Cell, their past with Tupac, teaching Havoc

Jay-Z Talks Big L, Ether, Renegade vs Takeover, Biggie, Dilla, etc (Audio)

Hov sat down with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg for the latest episode of their Juan Epstein podcast. Through out the audio, Hov speaks on Cipha as an employee, the Stretch & Bobbito freestyle with Big L, how Takeover was 1,000 times better than Ether, getting "murdered" by Eminem on Renegade, Mobb Deep, his friendship with