Back to Vegas...

After a nice week long vacation and some extra time in Canada, I'm headed back home. Excuse my absence for the next few.

AP - Letter to Broni

Something new (recorded today actually) from the 702 representative. Sin City bitches... DOWNLOAD: AP - Letter to Broni | Mediafire PREVIOUS: AP – Get Em (Video)

AP - Get Em (Video)

As much as I love my city (Las Vegas), there are two things I can't stand. The hot ass Summers and the absent ass music scene. Obviously there's artists I still haven't heard yet (like AP), but overall I'm only fuckin' with a handful of artists (LiveSoul, NR, DJ Slimm, Trayo & SeDrew Price). Mind

Guru - Lost & Found (Video)

New visuals for the title track off Guru's latest album. Also hit the jump to check out some performance footage of him (and Solar) at The Palms in my hometown.

Reflection Eternal at Rock the Bells: Las Vegas (Video)

[youtube=] I posted the Slaughterhouse footage I grabbed earlier tonight and now it's time for Reflection Eternal. As you can see, it was witnessed from backstage. Sadly the Flip was giving me issues and I was only able to record Get Em High & The Blast. Either way... enjoy!

Slaughterhouse at Rock the Bells: Las Vegas (Video)

Let's keep it Slaughterhouse right quick. A week or so back, I attended the Las Vegas stop of the Rock the Bells tour (which featured a really condensed lineup of Slaughterhouse, Reflection Eternal & Tech N9ne). No cameras... but I was able to get a some guerilla style footage for ya'll to check out. Above

KiD CuDi x Shake x The Great Hangover Tour (Video)

I posted B.o.B's performance the other day and now it's time to unleash my footage of KiD CuDi putting on a show for the Las Vegas crowd during The Great Hangover tour. Once again, I gotta say I'm upset I missed PacDiv... but it was a fantastic show all around. B.o.B, Cudi & Ash really

SeDrew Price - Highlight

[youtube=] Before I start this post off, I'd like to apologize on SeDrew's behalf for the missed release date and the delay that went down. Mixing issues are a bitch right!? Anyways, T.D.A.T. (The Day After Tomorrow) will be dropping at the dopehouse this Tuesday (July 21st). No excuses! Here goes another leak and if

Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 Freestyle Live (Video)

[youtube=] So if I would've listened to the Canadian Government's wishes and exited the country yesterday I would've been in attendance as Jay-Z tore it down at The Palms in Las Vegas. Win some lose some I guess. The video above is of Hov performing (what is said to be) the intro of Blueprint 3.

SeDrew Price - Quarantine

For the final leak off his upcoming mixtape, T.D.A.T. (dropping this Thursday), my man SeDrew decided to drop some lines on a DJ Baby laced track. Vegas stand up! DOWNLOAD: SeDrew Price - Quarantine | Mediafire

SeDrew Price - The Truman Show

Let's keep it in my city for a second. Here's some brand new heat by the homie SeDrew Price. Off his upcoming project, T.D.A.T., dropping July 2nd! DOWNLOAD: SeDrew Price - The Truman Show | Mediafire

Ocean's 7 - Vegas Baby (Video)

The Ocean's 7 crew give you a sneak peak of my city in their brand new video. Off that 3000 & 9 Shit mixtape, which is out now. Speaking of JD, Nelly, Shake & Las Vegas... good great shit goes down when they all are in the mix. The life of a blogger sucks, right

Trayo - The Warm Up (Mixtape)

Ladies and gentlmen, it's that time. My muthafuckin man Trayo is back with some more heat. Las Vegas is definitely in the building! You might not be familiar with the name but I advise you don't sleep. I don't get no love from Narada on the outro though? What, because I don't live on the