Nas Responds to Untitled Leak (Video)

[youtube=] Nas himself speaks about the leak of his upcoming album, Untitled. Gee, didn't I tell ya'll? Cop that shit July 15th! Also hit the jump for another Nas/Superhero promo, this time Nas' Hero with Hancock (which I haven't seen yet, but want to). PREVIOUS: Nas - Untitled (Is Here...)

Nas - Untitled (Is Here...)

And another one bites the leakage. But this time it's something special. You'll see as the day progresses. What are people's thoughts on Untitled so far? Despite my rants about not being the super Nas fan, I'm digging what I've heard. Good shit. More to come (believe me). UPDATE: Aight folks, it's here! I told

Bishop Lamont vs DJ Strong (Video)

[youtube=] Dammit. I posted this yesterday when my man DJ Warrior sent it through but it's gone now? WTF? That shit was live and good, checked today and boom. No more. Whatever though. So as I updated in the Confessional bootleg post, DJ Strong pulled a beeyotch move and leaked the tape with his drops

Lil Wayne - Mr. Carter f. Jay-Z x More!

So eskay called it earlier yesterday (sort of), a few tracks off one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Tha Carter III, has sprung a leak. We need Mario & Luigi up in this bitch! It's been a bad week for the lollipop man. First he goes on a tyrant about mixtape DJs

TIP Speaks on Latest Leaked Track

T.I. releases a message concerning the latest leaked track that a lot of websites were posting (Shake didn't, go figure). TIP denies it as a single and goes on to say that the track is no where near the quality that will be on his upcoming album, Paper Trail. It was recorded awhile back when

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder - #8 / Love Thirst

Damn, so today is a bit busy aye? Brief breakdown of this post ... Jean Grae & 9th Wonder recorded a collaboration album, Jeanius, some time back. The roughly mixed advance leaked and the project was basically shut down. Until now, years later, an official release is going down! So today I present you with

Lil Wayne - The Leak (5 Track EP)

So Lil Wayne lived up to his word (sorta) and dropped The Leak. Since the Carter 3 has been stolen and leaked once twice three times why not release some of the tracks? I guess. Dude is piffed out for sure. Did anyone even know about this dropping? Shake didn't (and he knows all). Oh

R.O.C. Stars (Street Leak)

Yessir. You know dem 2dopeboyz dropping new shit on the daily hour. This time I'm dropping the brand new mixtape from Green Lantern and Lenny S. Roc-A-Fella is in the building! If you want a hard copy, purchase here. Tracklist + Download link after the jump...