Von Pea & AEON - Pessimistic (Video)

directed by Richard Louissaint Von and AEON's Duly Noted EP is a project that we should all have in regular rotation today. Head here to cop a copy. PREVIOUS: Von Pea & AEON – Things Have Changed (Video)

Von Pea & AEON - Things Have Changed (Video)

Pea and A's Duly Noted has finally dropped today (you definitely should cop it right here, right here or anywhere else), so Von sent this "unofficially official DopeHouse Commercial" in support of his project. PREVIOUS: Von Pea & AEON – Pessimistic

Von Pea & AEON - Duly Noted (Album Stream)

Devon and Dave's collaborative EP drops tomorrow (March 26th), but you can get a sneak peek to the whole thing over at DJBooth now. Trust me, it's worth the listen. LISTEN: Von Pea & AEON - Duly Noted (Album Stream) PREVIOUS: Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) – Pessimistic (prod. AEON)

Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) - Alone (prod. AEON)

A few months ago, Von Pea announced that he and fellow Lessondary affiliate AEON (only he knows the true pain I've experienced of being a Philadelphia Eagles fa, as he is one too) are working on a collaborative EP titled Duly Noted. That project now has a solid release date of March 26th, and this

Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) - Hi! f. STS

DonDub left this following message... I’ve been wanting to share this for a while but haven’t, for reasons. The beat is from the same batch that spawned “It’s Just Us” (Nitty Scott MC) and “December 27th” (Don Cusack In High Fidelity) and the song has been shuffled around from (shelved) project to (unfinished) project to

Elucid (of Lessondary) - Braking For Zombies (Video)

Directed by BK Zulu What's going on with this guy? Hell, I haven't even seen him in New York yet I run into fellow Lessondary kinfolk Donwill all the time in Brooklyn. Anyways, this track can be found on Elucid's Super Chocolate Black Simian, which is out now.