Spec Boogie - Heartbeat x Gettin' Up

It's been a while since we last heard from Spec Boogie, so he's laced us with a track that reminds of some wild random mash-up of Blondie and Nine Inch Nails, and his own touch to Q-Tip's Renaissance single. DOWNLOAD: Spec Boogie - Heartbeat | Mediafire DOWNLOAD: Spec Boogie - Gettin' Up | Mediafire

Spec Boogie - Vics x Elucid - Would Be Killer (rmx)

*sips Airborne. I'm in no mood to type so I'll let the email do the talking... Back off hiatus, we're here at the Loosie compound fully reloaded and ready to squeeze. First up, Spec Boogie with an original joint produced by Suburb called Vics. Get the victory or be a victim. Motivational banger status. Next,

Elucid - E! Channel x Spec Boogie - Something to Hold On To

My fault on not posting this sooner (sorry Elucid!). It took me a second email from the emcee to post haha. Normally I'd speak my own thoughts on a track I put up but the email I received is just too good to overlook. Elucid must have balls constructed of highly-polished, rust-resistant titanium to rap

Spec Boogie vs Lil Wayne X Elucid vs Ice-T

Look ma, I spelled Elucid's name right! This week on the Loosie Weekly Warning series we have Spec Boogie gettin over Lil Wayne's Shooter to tell a tale of a Katrina survivor and a girl from Harlem who fall in love and go on a crime spree, which will be off Spec's Dollar-Sign Language mixtape

Euclid vs Santogold X Spec Boogie vs The Black Keys

You know what it is. Every Wednesday brings more Loosie Weekly Warning Shots from Elucid and Spec Boogie. Elucid speaks on the Sean Bell verdict. It's not the kill a cop mentality that wins. "Niggas want to riot, but ya'll scared of revolution/ couldn't wrap your brain around what it takes for real improvement". This

Spec Boogie - Superfly Freestyle (Video)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9piU_YOgj4] So the shortest member of Tanya Morgan (who just got a DOTcom) shot me an email this morning with the above video. Thank you sir! This joint will act as the intro to Spec Boogie's upcoming mixtape. It's also the latest in the Loosie Weekly Wednesday brought to you by the BlackSoapPalace. Lessondary fam