SeDrew Price - Pronto

First single off my Vegas brethren's upcoming EP, The New Regime. DOWNLOAD: SeDrew Price - Pronto f. Love (prod. The Audibles) | Mediafire

ThreatZ - Love/Hate f. TreaZon & Nero

An emcee with a capital Z in his name, links up with another emcee with a capital Z in his name (and Nero) to describe love & hate over Lauryn Hill's Sweetest Thing. Look out for ThreatZ' Breaking Point mixtape dropping later in the month. DOWNLOAD: ThreatZ - Love/Hate f. TreaZon & Nero

Q-Tip x PacDiv x Asher Roth x Mickey Factz (Video)

[youtube=] The homie John over at Loud got some footage of Mickey Factz & Asher Roth on stage at LOVE in NYC (above). Mickey goes in and Asher spits one my favorite verses from him. That shit is real imo. Then after the jump you can check Q-Tip spit a verse a capella from Wild

The Love Thirst Answers With Jean Grae pt.1

If ya'll remember, we set up a column with Jean Grae over at the plantation that allowed people to submit sex, love and relationship questions for her to answer. I just put up the first group of answers, a preview is after the jump...

Feeling 'Blu' on Valentine's Day

So are you sick of the Blu posts? Better not be. And if you were, I really don't care haha. Blu >>> ____. And for Valentine's Day he dropped a few gems for his fans. Some were for download, some weren't. Shake has them all for DL, you know how I sit and melt? Yea,

Ask Jean Grae: A Love Thirst Column

Ever thought your girl was weird because she doesn't believe in giving brain surgery? Well drop that bidge after you fuck her friend you are in luck. The homie J. Master put us in line with one of the best female emcees doing it, Jean Grae. With her collab album with 9th Wonder (Jeanius) set