Luguz - Is It Me (prod. DJ Khalil)

Here's a track that never made it past the cutting room floor on Luguz' The Colonic. And for those asking, the beat is from Khalil's GTA: Chinatown Wars mixtape. DOWNLOAD: Luguz - Is It Me (prod. DJ Khalil) | Mediafire

LuGuz - The Colonic (Mixtape)

"The Colonic" to put in a simple term is a musical cleansing. This project was not planned or forced, it was simply an organic process. I never set out to make "The perfect song" or Perfect album", but rather just make music that reflects myself at the time and describes memorable pieces of my life.

LuGuz - Don't Ever Go f. T. Ru

LuGuz is dropping a project called The Colonic (heh) later this month, and here's the first track off of it. DOWNLOAD: LuGuz - Don't Ever Go f. T. Ru | Mediafire

LuGuz - May I Rock

What up world?! Well I guess I'm the late kid to class with this freestyle... HAHA! But I never been the one to follow rules and I ain't gonna start now. This a warm up freestyle for my next project titled "The Colonic" which drops in March. Make sure you also support my new single

LuGuz - #2010

LuGuz starts the New Year off with a joint dedicated to everyone that supported him in 2009. DOWNLOAD: LuGuz - #2010

LuGuz - Drunk Driver

Fresh off The Rock Premier 2, LuGuz is back with a (dark) record... It is a concept record I've had for a while with hopes to put it on a project but I said nahh you know what.. ya need to hear this now! lol So, please download and absorb the material.. I will not

Luguz - CDR Freestyle (Video)

[youtube=] Luguz freestyles while at Crack Distributors Radio in support of his project, Rock Premier 2.

LuGuz - The Rock Premier 2 (Mixtape)

Hosted by Tapemasters Inc & DJ Klapton, LuGuz is back with part 2 of his Rock Premier seires. Featuring Lu rhyming over classic Pete Rock & DJ Premier beats. And this time he's joined by AC, ESSO, Outasight, Rain, Nucci Reyo, Tom Gist, Nickelus F and more. Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

LuGuz - Classic f. AC, Rain & Nickelus F

[youtube=] Here goes another leak off LuGuz' upcoming mixtape, The Rock Premier 2, which drops tomorrow! I've also included a little freestyle session between Lu & AC that went down at the first annual Rock Premier softball game. Shouts to DJ Klapton. DOWNLOAD: LuGuz - Classic f. AC, Rain & Nickelus F | Mediafire