NFL Week 4 Results

[youtube=] Poetry in motion... or at least that's what I thought. Then again, I'm fucked up like that. Week 4 is a wrap, people. Broadway Brett flinging 6 touchdowns for the first time in his storied career, a crappy Ohio team finally gets over the hump and Oakland getting posterized again by San Diego, only

The Game Vs. Bow Wow's Madden 2009 Challenge (Video)

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.682570&w=425&h=350&fv=] For all the people who actually wanted to see this Madden game between Game & Bow Wow. I'll be honest: I don't play Madden that much, but even I'd put up a fight against Jayceon. BRIEF RUNDOWN OF MEK DOT'S STATS: Avg points scored: 20.7 Avg points allowed: 9.3 I'll be hot damned

Mek Dot x Bow Wow x The Game

I will be here tonight gathering footage, shooting pictures and trying to quell my inner hater throughout the night. Should be an interesting experience. UPDATE: I got to the spot about 45 minutes after the shit ended (I know, Black people), but the final score: The Game: 55 Bow Wow: 23 *waits in line for

Bow Wow vs The Game (Video)

[youtube=] I'm too deep in this to stop posting haha. Bow Wow responds (again) acting all Floyd Mayweather. Then after the jump it finally seems like the match is going to go down. Shouts to KonsoleKingz.

Game Responds to Bow Wow... Again (Video)

[youtube=] In the on going YouTube war, The Game responds to Bow Wow (again). This one is actually funny. Maybe it's the mood I'm in but I def got a chuckle about him calling Curtis up. Bow Wow's momma lives in LA I see. I don't know about the dick talking though. Smh... what's next?

Bow Wow Challenges The Game... (Video)

[youtube=] a game of Madden '09 haha. 100k for charity? That's pretty dope. I guess Jayceon is pretty mean on the sticks though.

Twista Reviews Madden '09 (Video)

[vimeo 1506893] I myself don't own any system past a PS2 but I know there are millions of dopeboyz and dopegirlz out there that are going crazy for the release of this game. Twista has had it for about 2 weeks and shows you some gameplay above. He also gives an in depth review of