BarrelhouseBKLYN Presents: #ForeverWavy (A Tribute to Max B) (Mixtape)

Remember that one ass-clown who used to troll the c-section asking "Where's Max B?" The BarrelhouseBKLYN crew have a big appreciation for what Max Biggavel has contributed to modern day hip-hop culture. His influence goes far beyond this mix that we've put together for you, but we'll attempt to bring those who aren't familiar with

Max B – Keep Your Head To The Sky [Unreleased]

According to the G-Code, this track was done in 2005 while Geno Sims (now the manager of A$AP Rocky) was working on the Biggie Duets album... This post was actually a reference or rather an idea done by me and Max B. Right after Puff recorded this song for Jim Jones “What You Sipping” I

Basically, Max B is Never Coming Out of Jail...

Max B received some pretty bad news today. According to North Jersey local news, a state appeals court upheld the murder conviction of Biggavelli who is serving a 75-year jail sentence for his involvement in a robbery at a Fort Lee hotel in 2006 that resulted in a death. Max is set to remain at

Chuuwee - Money Make Me Feel Better (rmx)

Now that Crown Me King has properly set the table for his official debut Wild Style, Chuuwee lends his talents to a Max B record. DOWNLOAD: Chuuwee - Money Make Me Feel Better f. Max B