Media Gasface: Music Is My Character w/ K-Def (Video)

From Puffy to Dre, he's been hired-jacked-xeroxed all over the board. Now K-Def's telling you what's wrong with Hip Hop, and how he's gonna fix it. Props to the MGF crew for another dope watch. PREVIOUS: Media Gasface: Synthetic Substitution (Video)

Media Gasface: Synthetic Substitution (Video)

A bass player for Galt MacDermont (and also Roy Ayers, Bobbi Humphrey, BB King) and a diggers' favorite, Wilber "Bad" Bascomb recalls the moment when, entering Jimi Hendrix's studio, he saw the whole world coming to an end. You know if Media Gasface is behind it, it's something you'll want to watch.

Talkin' All That Jazz: Bangers & Memories w/ Buckwild (Video)

He's a legendary producer, so I call him a legendary producer. Buckwild laced beats for industry’s most prestigious names: Nas, Jay-Z, B.I.G., 50 and even 2 Chainz (when he was Tity Boy). On the third installment of Media Gasface's "Talkin' All That Jazz," the rare Buckwild talks making bread hustlin even rarer grooves, brotherly love

Media Gasface: Think B.I.G. #3 w/ Rik Cordero (Video)

In the third installment of Media Gasface's Friday viral series, they sit down with the director and touch upon his career, his ability to adapt to a forever-changing climate and much more. PREVIOUS: Media Gasface: Think B.I.G. #2 w/ Alchemist (Video) | Media Gasface: Think B.I.G. #1 w/ Chi Modu (Video)

Media Gasface - Swizz National Day (Mixtape)

Gasface teamed up with DJ Green Giant to pay hommage to his fellow swiss producer Kasseem Dean on that special occasion. Why the dollar-colored Giant on such task ? Because he's grand ! And the finest ! Even the grand-finest : his granny was the 1st miss Switzerland ever ! Listen to the National Anthem

Media Gasface & Just Blaze - Just Did It (Mixtape)

On May 23th, Just Blaze will celebrate Gasface's 6th anniversary in the french crew's hometown. A ideal occasion to pay homage to the New Jerusalem native. Like he did on #Lookin4Galt, The Beast from the Alps DJ Green Giant laced la crème de la crème, with a word from Kanye and some exclusive interviews of

Media Gasface Presents: #Lookin4Galt (Down With The King)

Looks like I found my soundtrack for the weekend. That forgotten Yves Saint-Laurent movie soundtrack that gave birth to "Whoo-Hah?" That Japanese rock band Large Pro sampled on "Halftime?" This loop Pete Rock saved Run-DMC with on "Down with The King?" A big chunk of MF Doom's catalog? It all comes down to this guy

Media Gasface: Self-Help In Paris (Video)

The infamous front man of The Coup, Boots Riley, spoke with the MGF crew about 2Pac, Erykah Badu and E-40, his idea of gangsta rap and more. PREVIOUS: Media Gasface: Pete Rock, Prince Paul & Buckwild are… LOOKIN4GALT (Preview)

Media Gasface: Pete Rock, Prince Paul & Buckwild are... LOOKIN4GALT (Preview)

So what do Prince Paul, K-Def, Buckwild, Evil Dee and Pete Rock do in 2012 ? Simple. They're LOOKIN4GALT. Except for Evil Dee, who just kicks the Frenchmen out. On a side note, the Media Gasface folks have asked Shake and myself to take part in one of their docu-films. Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller? PREVIOUS: Media

Media Gasface: Swiss Life (Video)

Promoting the TV release of New York Minute on September 11th, Gasface pays a visit to the DownTown Boogie crew (biggest radio show in Europe) at the Swizz National Radio & Television compound, in Lausanne. PREVIOUS: Media Gasface: Ray’s Boutique (Video)