Media Gasface: Ray's Boutique (Video)

You know, I've probably walked past this place dozens of times and was totally unaware and oblivious of its history. Props to the MGF clan for putting me up on game. Speaking of Rap culture, Yellow isn't just a clump on Wiz Khalifa's hair set, it's also a fair share of talented folks who chose

Media Gasface: The French Connection (Video)

MGF videos are essentially the only virals I anticipate these days. Equal parts informative and mesmerizing, it's amazing to hear these stories. This week, DJ Kozi gives us some insight in front of one of Paris' greatest dunjeons of Rap, L'Elysée-Montmartre. Opened in 1807 as a ballroom, the place recently burned down, so it's only

Media Gasface Presents Buckshot: From Shorty To CEO (Video)

Following A Night In Alphabet City live series, the Black Moon frontman talks about his "Buckshot Shorty" days, coming up with Mobb Deep, getting chewed out by Hav's mom and becoming a man thanks to a famous BK producer's sister. Yes, you read that right. - MGF PREVIOUS: A Night In Alphabet City: Epilogue (Video)

Media Gasface Presents: A Night In Alphabet City pt.4 (Video)

"Shit Iz Real" from Enta da Stage Attention everybody who tries to capture footage of a show: this is the way you do it. So the next time you decide to whip out a camera instead of enjoying the show like a normal person make sure you grab a homeboy, tell him/her to stand on

Media Gasface Presents: A Night In Alphabet City (Video)

For Media Gasface' next trick, they take to the Internets themselves and launched their own corner... Most live performances sound terrible on the Internet (ed. note: Now this is true), that’s why we put our definition of raw deluxe sound should be. The place is Alphabet City and the God MC is Buckshot Shorty. -

Media Gasface Presents: The Mystery Of T La Rock's Jacket (Video)

Remember the French Connection, when Marseilles used to provide NYC with mountains of brown sugar? Turns out Marseilles also provided rapwise : here Akhenaton (from I AM) tells his own version of the New York Minute, how a simple game of basketball he played impacted on the 1st Record Def Jam ever put out. PREVIOUS: