Melyssa Ford x KING

Cover story written by TheWellVersed's own Andreas Hale, which you can check here, but the stuff you lonely yentas wanna see is down bottom.

Melyssa Ford's Vibe Spread

She ages like a fine wine. Andreas, you gotta introduce me to her one of these days, seriously. And don't front like you wouldn't, because we all would. More goodness under the cut.

Food For Thought: Conversations w/ Jay-Z (Video)

Here's the deal: every time I have to post a Jay-Z-related post, I'm gonna post a chick in the post as well. This time it's Melyssa Ford's lovely self. Any suggestions for others, hit the c-section.

Killer Mike - In The Kitchen f. OJ Da Juiceman

Or, why I just needed a reason to post a picture of Melyssa Ford on here, because it's been far too long since I've done so. Shouts to DJ Smallz. DOWNLOAD: Killer Mike - In The Kitchen f. OJ Da Juiceman BONUS: Ginuwine - Trouble (rmx) f. Hurricane Chris, Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman

13 Must-Have Independent Albums (of 2009) You Should Own...

As much shit I talk about one of my benefactors, every once in a while they come up with some worthwhile stuff. Bojangles Entertainment Television's website recently dropped this list of 13 mixtapes and indie rap albums every music fan should have in their collection. Peep numbers 5, 6 and 11 also. And since I'm

Red Cafe - Birthday Sex

*would like to have birthday sex with ol' girl above every single day* DOWNLOAD: Red Cafe - Birthday Sex

Melyssa Ford's KING Magazine Spread

Its 4am, I just finished the 2nd season of Entourage (which sparked tomorrow/tonight's Saturday Night Sexy mind you) and I'm just not tired. So what better way to expend some energy than putting up a post on Melyssa's KING magazine spread? I don't care that she hasn't done a video in three years, she's still