Travis McCoy - The Manual BTS (Video)

On set of Travis McCoy's upcoming video for his T-Pain & Young Cash assisted joint off the Nappy Boys AllStars mixtape. BONUS: Young Cash - Fly Shit f. T-Pain | Mediafire

T-Pain Previews Nappy Boy Allstars v.1 Mixtape (Video)

[youtube=] With the mixtape dropping next week, T-Pain gives us a sneak peak on what to expect musically on Nappy Boys Allstars v.1. PREVIOUS: Travis McCoy – The Manual f. T-Pain & Young Ca$h | T-Pain – So Much Pain

T-Pain - Forever (Nappy Boy Remix)

A rhyming T-Pain and Young Cash add that Nappy Boy flavor to one of this year's biggest records. DOWNLOAD: T-Pain - Forever (Nappy Boy Remix) f. Young Cash | Mediafire

T-Pain & Travis McCoy - Every Girl (NB All Stars Remix)

T-Pain, Travis McCoy, Tay Dizm & Young Cash put a Nappy Boy mix to the Young Money single. Ya'll remember when Travie's solo mixtape dropped? Yea, me neither smh. Shouts to LeakJones. DOWNLOAD: T-Pain, Travis McCoy, Tay Dizm & Young Cash - Every Girl (NB All Stars Remix) | Mediafire

T-Pain & Travis McCoy Talks Nappy Boy (Video)

[youtube=] While backstage from the I Am Music Tour, T-Pain and Travie talk about how the new Travis solo project came together. Ahemmm... where is the mixtape!?!?

Travis McCoy Signs to Nappy Boy (Video)

[youtube=] Travis McCoy is the latest signee to T-Pain's Nappy Boy Entertainment. I'm not mad at it. I admit, I fuck with T-Pain for the most part. Anything to get more Travie material out there. Where the fluuuck is the mixtape!? Shouts to Kyle Lucas for the heads up.