Notes To Self - Popular Music (Video)

Using the Canadian National Exhibition as their playground, the Canadian collective Notes To Self shot this visual for their track "Popular Music". The visual also serves as the debut of RUFFNOTES, a collaboration between Notes To Self and British animator RUFFMERCY. PREVIOUS: Notes To Self – Recoil [Crimson] (Video)

Notes To Self – Recoil [Crimson] (Video)

Toronto hip-hop collective Notes to Self return with another visual from their project Target Market [RECOIL]. PREVIOUS: Notes To Self – Sky Light (InBetween) (Video)

Bird - Still Shine f. Little Brother & Notes To Self

Yep, you read that right. Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh combine for the first time in what feels like eons on producer/songwriter/singer Bird's upcoming debut album La Notte, out July 9th. SHAKE UPDATE: As expected, the song is old. Says Pooh... FYI: The song recently released with me and Phonte on it is years old.

Notes To Self - Popular Music

The Toronto crew has been missing for a minute, but now they're back with the first single from their upcoming DECON Records drop Target Market [RECOIL] dropping February 26th.

Notes To Self - All of the Above [BBRC] (Video)

Feeling like Frontiersman, we grew our beards and arrived in Mactier at 7:30pm. Cold as fuck. 4 hour drive North. Pitch black outside. Cabin smelled like pine and rosé. Dropped our bags, chose our beds, Bronze took the air mattress. Half hour till the NBA Dunk-Off. Donk was geeked. Flat screen, satellite, middle-of-nowhere. Heats on.

Notes To Self - All Of The Above

Used to be Dark [RECOIL], the upcoming project from the Toronto-based crew, is slated to drop in the first quarter of 2012. PREVIOUS: Notes To Self – Nobody f. Evidence (Video)

Notes To Self - Nobody f. Evidence (Video)

Directed by JR of Motioneer & Matthew Bronson Remember back back in the day when you had that 1 Homie who would video tape & record every rap video on TV, or every rap show on the radio? Fast forward 15 years, the Homie has a box of 30 or so VHS cassette tapes sittin

Notes to Self - Nobody (Recoil Remix) f. Evidence

Art by Elicser. The Toronto-based group join forces with the LA native for the latest release from their upcoming project, Used To Be Dark (Recoil). I didn't know that Black Squirrels were rare - not until EV told me that they don't have black squirrels in California. EV had seen a program about the black