Live From New York: 1994-2001 (Mixtape)

Now this is something I definitely needed on the iPod for my trip today. Big shouts to Kevin Casey for putting together this mix of classic New York records. 46 tracks featuring Deep Cover 98, Flamboyant, Eye For An Eye, John Blaze, Banned From T.V., 10 Crack Commandments, T.O.N.Y. and many more. Tracklist + Download

Jonathan Mannion On Notorious B.I.G., Lil Wayne & Jay-Z (Video)

True story: last year at my old job I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan (and I even interviewed him over at the plantation as well). Home slice was extremely down-to-earth and humble, and he even gave me an autographed portrait of one of his most known shots. That, my loyal visitors, is what you

Happy Birthday...

Christopher Wallace. May 21, 1972-March9, 1997. DOWNLOAD: Notorious B.I.G. - Queen B@#$H (Lil Kim Reference Track) | Mediafire BONUS: 2DopeBoyz Presents DJ Slimm & NR - Biggie Remixes EP

Meka's Soul Mix EP: Che Grand's "Girls Talk"

While it didn't sample a song per se, Che's flip of two rappers' lines into one hook as well as AEON's breakdown from electro boom bap to house to a play on Bobby Womack and The New Birth's "I Can Understand It" is just too ill for words. I don't do that dancing shit in

Draze - The Notorious, Life After Death (Video)

[youtube=] I actually have a bunch of Biggie stuff I wanted to get posted today, but projects upon projects keep piling in. I guess that's a good thing though right? Anyways... this is pretty slick. The Notorious BIG comes back to NYC to see how things have changed since his departure. Written and Produced by