DJ Slimm - Missing the Game f. NR (prod. NR)

Now this is what I needed. Some of that VegTroit heat! You should recognize Slimm's name as he handles all our official mixtapes, mixes. And NR is undefeated in our (2)Dope Beat Battle series (which I'm bringing back soon enough). Check as the brothers link up for a new joint that may or may not

Jo Well - I Need That (prod. NR)

Here is a track I did with NR..big ups to NR, dude's got beats!...I also got my boy Phenomenon to drop a verse and Cee Nario to do a little something at the end of the track. We got a lot of projects in the works right now including the next Jo Well & DJ

A (2)Dope Battle: NR vs Jansport J (Results)

So for some wild reason I thought I already posted the results a week or two ago haha. Leave it up to Meka posting some outside submission to finally push me to post. My fault! Anyways... unlike the last battle, this time around it was pretty one-sided with NR sweeping all the votes (NMC, myself,

A (2)Dope Battle: NR vs Jansport J (Submissions)

Dopeboyz and dopegirlz, the submissions for the 2nd 2DBz Beat Battle are in! They we're actually submitted on Sunday but I couldn't find the time to post on Monday. In case you didn't see the set up post. Jansport J is up against NR (who won the first battle). The task at hand was to

NR - Beat Archive 1

A few weeks back we held our first ever Beat Battle at the dopehouse. NR vs DviousMindZ; with NR coming out victorious. I'll announce the next challenger sometime this week(myself and Meka have a pretty fresh idea for the battle). Anyways... NR put together this beat cd (mixed by DJ Slimm) as he was with

A (2)Dope Battle: DviousMindz vs NR (Winner)

Alright folks... last week I put up the submissions from both DviousMindz & NR for the first ever beat battle on 2dopeboyz. Giving them the challenge of flipping Radiohead's Karma Police. The voting was left up to myself (1 vote), Meka (1 vote), the rest of the NMC (1 vote) and the dopeboyz/girlz (1 vote).

Black Milk x DJ Slimm - VegTROIT (Mixtape)

While most of the dopeboyz vote on the DviousMindz x NR battle, I figured it would be a good time to throw up this new tape from NR's bro, DJ Slimm. Some of ya'll already know Slimm can hold it down on the mic just as good as he can with the wheels of steel.

A (2)Dope Battle: DviousMindZ vs NR (Submissions)

What up ya'll. At the beginning of the week I proposed a (beat) battle between DviousMindZ & NR. Giving them about 4 solid days to take Radiohead's Karma Police and do what they do! Both DviousMindZ and NR submitted their beats yesterday but I decided to keep it on schedule and make the post today.

NR vs DJ DviousMindZ (Battle?)

So I'm sitting here on this Saturday afternoon; trading music with my man DJ Slimm. We've been playing beats left and right, just vibing out. A few DviousMindz tracks came on in the shuffle and that's when the idea hit us. A beat battle would be dope for 2dbz! Myself & Meka will decide on

LiveSoul - We Luv U Marvin (Tribute Mixtape)

In honor of the late great Marvin Gaye's passing 25 years ago; Akili, Tariq, DJ Slimm & NR put together an instrumental tribute mixtape for ya'll to vibe out to. Don't sleep on Vegas' finest (shouts to Trayo & SeDrew as well!). And trust me when I say, there will be plenty more material from

2DopeBoyz Presents DJ Slimm & NR - Biggie Remixes EP

Before I head out I wanted to let ya'll in on a little secret. My folk DJ Slimm & NR are machines! Crazy work ethic, ill beats, etc. You'll be hearing a lot from them soon enough. Beliee dat. Since it's the 12 year anniversary (well, it was... but I couldn't get this to upload

DJ Slimm (of LiveSoul) - Jake One Freestyle

Fans of LiveSoul should already know that DJ Slimm can get down on the mic just as much as he can with the 1s & 2s. Shouts to his brother NR (who you will be hearing PLENTY of beats from soon) for sending over this little freestyle he did over some Jake One goodness. DOWNLOAD:

Akili (of LiveSoul) - Back Then (prod. NR)

I'm dropping LiveSoul's Birth of Soul EP tomorrow. Until then here goes a brand new joint from Akili produced by DJ Slimm's younger bro NR. Don't sleep on NR for real. Dude has beats for days! You'll see. DOWNLOAD: Akili (of LiveSoul - Back Then (prod. NR) | Mediafire PREVIOUS: LiveSoul - I'm Telling You