Officer Ricky - Ode to Tia (Video)

[youtube=] A wise man once told the Bawse it's better to have loved with the Rawse than have to, no… BAWSE! TRILLLA!!

Rick Ross Renames Curtis & Continues to Bait Eminem (Video)

Rick Ross speaks on his first week sales. He officially has the number 1 album in the country. Congrats. The second half of the clip is where Ricky continues to lose his marbles though. You know they're saying mung-key could be black on black racial? Eminem you're a mung-key. He's really a hung-key, but that's

Pimpin' Curly Presents Brooke's (Ross' Baby Mama) Sextape (Video) [18+]

The title alone shoud be enough to let you know this isn't safe for work (or parents if you're a young dopeboy/girl). Pimpin' Curly narrates a sextape of one of Officer Ricky's baby mamas, Brooke. Is this nigga licking on the Rick Ross tattoo? Haha... *dies. Hit the jump for the video...

50 Cent Starring in Pimpin’ Curly ep.5 (Video)

[youtube=] Ha.. these seriously get me through the week. Comedy in the form of fuckery haha. What happens in this episode you ask? Curly takes a new girl away from another pimp, and an unknown adversary makes an attempt on Pimpin' Curly's life. Will Curly escape his enemies and the long arm of Officer Ricky

Rick Ross - Jumpin' Out the Window Freestyle

It's too bad certain artists don't really live what they spit. Deeper Than Rap coming March 24th when Def Jam lets him drop it. Shouts to Papa Smirf. DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross - Jumpin' Out the Window Freestyle | Mediafire

Too Funny... know, outside of the Chris Brown & Rihanna situation. Speaking of, the leaked photo might let Chris Brown free of any charges. Smh...

G-Unit - I'll Be the Shooter (Video)

[youtube=] I really with Curtis & Co. would stay away from these gay ass video game animation type joints. Yhuuck. DOWNLOAD: G-Unit - I'll Be the Shooter (Officer Ricky's Done)

Rick Ross Talks 50 Cent (Again) & Dr. Dre (Video)

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.782042&w=425&h=350&] Well what do you know. Officer Ricky is still thinking his tough talk is cool? Why is he so stuck on the "you're career is over" speech? Smh.. and it's not smart to involve Dre if you ask me. Was that Fat Joe in the back!?

The Game Rides w/ 50 Cent!? (Video)

[youtube=] Interesting. The Game recently chopped it with KUBE93's Eddie Francis about his upcoming show in Seattle, projects he's working on, the Bow Wow shit and the most interesting part... his take on the Curtis x Officer Ricky; in which he's riding with Curtis. Spotted at eskay's. DOWNLOAD: The Game on KUBE93

50 Cent Calls Big Boy’s Neighborhood

According to Fif, Def Jam laid the smack down on Officer Ricky and told him to shut his mouth about the whole situation. Interesting to see where that goes. Listen to that part and more after the jump....

Officer Ricky Talks Curtis (Full)

Clips have been hit around the internet. Now the entire message from Ricky is here, thanks to Miss Info. [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.779077&w=425&h=110&fv=]