Pro Era's Nyck Caution Remixes "0 to 100"


Pro Era - Extortion (Video)

Welcome to Brooklyn.

Pro Era - The Shift (FreEP)

"The Shift" EP is the Brooklyn collective's fourth project.

Pro Era Performs "Extortion" in NYC

Kirk Knight and Dyemond Lewis run through their latest track.

Pro Era - Hail Razor

The Shift EP, due out later this month!

Kirk Knight - Extortion f. Dyemond Lewis

First leak off Pro Era's upcoming EP, The Shift.

Danse – The End f. Nyck Caution (Video)

More New York sh-t.

Pro Era Freestyles On Hot97's 'The Hot Box'

A cypher to remember.

Stream Hus Kingpin & Chuck Strangers' 'Hus Kingpin Meets Pro Era' EP

Boom-bap enthusiasts will love this.

Stream Pro Era' 'Secc$ Tap.e 2' EP

Seven new tracks from the Brooklyn collective.

Kirk Knight (of Pro Era) – Pussy Facx

Talk like secx.

Rokamouth & A La $ole - Dirty Dancing f. Jean Deuax

#ProEraWeek #Secc$ Tap.e pt.2 coming soon!

CJ Fly (of Pro Era) - Q&A (Video)

Flyest in thee era.

Pro Era Freestyle On 'RapFix Live'

The boys go for seven-minutes.

Pro Era - Pro Cakes 2 f. Dirty Sanchez, Dyemond Lewis & Nyck Caution (Video)

Joey Bada$$' young guns get busy over "Pound Cake."

CJ Fly (of Pro Era) - Still The Motto (Video)

Produced by Cookin' Soul.

Pro Era Freestyle On ShowOff Radio With Statik Selektah

Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly and Kirk Knight get busy.

Nyck Caution & Danse Dimes – The End (Video)

Pro Era & BKLYN STICKUP connect.

A La $ole (of Pro Era) – Been Swank

Another boom-bap styling from a Pro Era member.

Pro Era Cyphers in Statik Selektah's ShowOff Basement

With Statik Selektah supplying classic instrumentals as the backdrop, Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly and the Read...