DMX & Rakim - Don't Call Me

With DMX's special appearance on Dr. Phil set for tomorrrow, No Mystery Studios liberates a track that features X alongside Rakim. Yeah, not after the confusion wears off, click play on the Shontelle and Aleks D-assisted "Don't Call Me" and praise/complain in the comments. The song is also on iTunes if you'd like to own

Rakim Takes Over CityParks' Brooklyn SummerStage (Video)

Holding court in Red Hook Park, the living legend headlined the Lyricist Lounge-presented free summer concert (side note: things like this is why New York wins) and Dallas Penn - in all his hilarious glory - was on hand to catch the entire thing. Check out his recap.

Rakim – Get Visual [Unreleased]

Ready for your "vintage rap song" of the day? According to producer Dominic Owen, this track - recorded originally in 1995 - would ultimately become "When I'm Flowin'" from Rakim's 1997 solo debut, The 18th Letter. PREVIOUS: Rakim – Bring It On [Unreleased]

Rakim's Red Bull Music Academy Lecture (Video)

The GOD MC recently held a lecture for Red Bull Music Academy in NYC, alongside triple OG Chairman Mao (what's up sir!) where he broke down his lyricism, how "Don't Sweat the Technique" came about, getting a lot of his inspiration from Jazz and much more. Over an hour and some change of nothing but

Marco Polo – Whats Wrong f. Rakim

Though originally slated to appear on Rakim's Seventh Seal album but never lived on it due to sample clearance issues, Marco Polo liberates the Rakim-assisted "What's Wrong" which will appear on his upcoming free Newport Authority 2 project.