Jimmy Kimmel: Epic Troll Master (Video)

So, remember this YouTube that resulted in the woman turning into the Human Torch? Well, Jimmy Kimmel brought the woman, one Caitlin Heller Daphne Avalon, on to the show, to talk about what really went down. You're just going to have to watch and see this.

William Ray Norwood Jr.: Kanye West's Number-One Troll

  This guy - or, as Phonte calls him, Raynathan James - won't go away. And to keep it real, that's not a bad thing. We need more trolls in our lives to make us treasure our own personal value that much more. #NEVERFORGET: So, Kanye West Just Flat Out Attacked a Paparazzi at LAX

Random Acts Of Fu*kery: DeSean Jackson Edition

See, "extracurricular" activities like this could be part of why my favorite team in the NFL has been on full-blown struggle mode for the last two seasons*. Let's hope Chip Kelly's sanctions-ducking self actually gets us more than a .500 record #WishfulThinking. * - I'm ignoring the production of LT Hutton - one of the

Random Acts Of F*ckery: Bron-Bron James Edition

  "It's the kid King James..." *tears* Now, I'm sure Lebron is only joking with these. That, however, doesn't mean that these struggle bars aren't, well, struggle bars. They are, though, much better than the efforts of Troy Hudson, Cedric Ceballos, and Dana Barros combined, if that means anything. Shaquille O'Neal's "Still Can't Stop The

Random Acts Of F*ckery: No Love At The Strip Club Edition

For those going to a nudie bar this Memorial Day weekend, I implore you all to be easy... Police in Philadelphia are hoping that video of a man shooting up a strip club with an AK-47 assault rifle over a DJ’s song selection will lead to his arrest. Investigators on Wednesday said that 21-year-old Henry

Random Acts Of F*ckery: PHCMB Edition

And then this shit flies across my timeline... Paris Hilton has found a new home, and some of her roommates include Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj. The heiress/singer/"Bling Ring" actress has reportedly signed with Cash Money Records. Hilton broke the news to Showbiz 411, adding that she hopes to have her follow-up to 2006's

Random Acts Of F*ckery: Coachella's Fake Fans Edition

Over the past two weekends, Coachella held their annual Valley Music and Arts Festival. And to help poke fun at some of the attendees, Jimmy Kimmel sent his Lie Witness News video team down to Indio, CA and asked "fans" about certain bands. The catch? Absolutely zero of the names (minus 2 Door Cinema Club*)

Ray J Will Continue To Troll Our Nightmares Because We Keep Letting Him...

Absolute death at the irony of a company affiliated with Raynathan James being called "Fifth Amendment Ent." By now, I'm sure you all have heard Willie Norwood's latest, uh, "single." If not, apparently enough people have for the song to land on the Billboard charts this week. Now the guy - and of course he'd

And Now, The Guy Who Put Hands On JoJo Simmons Speaks (Video)

After Poor Little Tink Tink Simmons responded to getting confronted by an affiliate of Juelz Santana's Skull Gang, the man of the moment himself took to the YouTube to divulge his own thoughts. This is all kind of entertaining, really, in a "detrimental to society" kind of way.