Rockwell Knuckles - In For The Kill (Video)

Teaming up with Converse Rubber Tracks, St. Louis' Rockwell Knuckles comes out from hiding and delivers the latest single/video from his upcoming It's All Happening EP. PREVIOUS: Rockwell Knuckles – Helmet (Video)

Rockwell Knuckles - Take Me To Your Leader (Album)

Yo... my man David over at TSS has the perfect write up for this shit. Dammit. Damn damn damn. Damn you Rockwell Knuckles. You’ve ruined my life by releasing Take Me To Your Leader right now. Here’s why: 1. There are lot of new projects I was looking forward to listening to. I won’t anymore.

Rockwell Knuckles - Helmet

Artwork by 18andcounting. Rock goes straight for your jugular on his latest loosie. Shouts to TS. DOWNLOAD: Rockwell Knuckles - Helmet (prod. Tarboy)

Rockwell Knuckles - Just A Blur

The St. Louis talent returns with a new one off his upcoming Take Me To Your Leader project. Shouts to TSS. DOWNLOAD: Rockwell Knuckles - Just A Blur (prod. Trifeckta) BONUS: Rockwell Knuckles - Do What I Will (prod. TROX) [Snippet]

Rockwell Knuckles - Silly Human

Random Cutie of the Night. Click for full image. The St. Louis native is back with more heat. Off his upcoming project, You're Fucking Out, I'm Fucking In. DOWNLOAD: Rockwell Knuckles - Silly Human (prod. Trifectka)