Saturday Night Sexy: Rosa Acosta

Twitter: @RosaAcosta Stretch artist-turned-cover model/video vixen Rosa Acosta snapped a ton of sexy photos for XXL Magazine's Hottest Eye Candy in their 15th anniversary issue earlier this year and we've decided to share with you the flicks from the super hot photo shoot (there's also video). Ms. Acosta's "4 Rules of Comedy" photos for MAXIM

Ask A Vixen w/ Rosa Acosta (Video)

Yeah, I know you're supposed to actually listen to her speak... but I still think you'll have more fun muting and enjoying. Happy Wednesday morning, courtesy of HHW. Or, if pressing the mute button is too much work for you, just head here for pictures.

Rosa Acosta Speaks On "Retirement," Misconceptions & More

Everybody's favorite super-limber, hard-to-understand vixen spoke to The Well Versed on moving on from the "urban model" game, future plans and more. You can check out The Well Versed for the complete interview... or you can just head here for Pictures For The Reading Impaired, such as the one below.

Snoop Dogg x Rosa Acosta (Video)

Shot by the legendary Estevan Oriol Wait... Colt 45 is still around?! Anyways, when Snoop isn't trying to convince us to either buy glorified Brut to wipe out the smell of beedies from your clothes or that swapping over to Metro PCS is the right choice, he's lamping with Rosa Acosta for Colt 45's new

Rosa Acosta x XXL (Video)

You can't tell me Adam isn't the happiest person in the world right now. PREVIOUS: Amber Rose x Rosa Acosta