OnlyOne (of Sandpeople) - Say What (prod. Sapient)

To help get his fans ready for his upcoming Cult Classic 2 and Only & Ill project with fellow Sandperson Illmaculate, OnlyOne released Police Brutality (B-Sides) today on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Fans of SP should recognize the title as OnlyOne and Illmaculate released a project with the same name back in 2009. This

Sapient - Roman Candle (Video)

Directed by Adeniji (for Artistic Outlet Media). Track-four off Sapient's special edition Slump 12" (available here) gets some matching visuals. PREVIOUS: Sapient – Seeking New Skin (Video)

Sapient - Seeking New Skin (Video)

Off the Sandperson's upcoming album, Slump, which drops February 19th. Pre-orders are available now; which includes a sculpted toy, pint glasses, canvases, chocolate bars and more.

Sapient - Gunwings (Album)

The Portland native dropped a few videos leading up to this release that I somehow missed (check them here), but that doesn't mean I can't be on time with Gunwings haha. A complete revision of 2010's Barrels For Feathers, Sapient puts a new life into each song. New beats, hooks and melodies are sung differently,

Sapient (of Sandpeople) - Many Ones (Video)

Directed by Tim Slusarczyk. The first video from Sapient's upcoming instrumental album, Tusks!, due out on August 16th. The video for the instrumental track was written and directed by Portland filmmaker Tim Slusarczyk and hosts something of a fractured, off-center story arc. Is it about drugs? Sad dudes with beards? Inner demons and moldy ceilings?