sayknowledge - Art Goons f. Cashius Green (Video)

Directed by Mars Today. Visual effects by WooStaar. Bay Area's sayknowledge and Cinematic Music's Cashius Green link up for some new visuals. What's an Art Goon you ask? Hit the jump and find out.

sayknowledge - Lap Up (Video)

The Bay Area native drops off the official video to the first single from his upcoming album, Vibe Called Quest, which drops January 15th. In this part of the world we drive what we can, new whips old whips, shit that's good on gas. We shot this "typical" ass rap video with no budget, we

sayknowledge - Lap Up

I first introduced sayknowledge to the DopeHouse with a posting of his "Mirror Mirror" music video. Now the Bay Area rep is back with a new single (premiered by Vibe). Take a listen below and get ready for Vibe Called Quest on January 15th.

sayknowledge - Mirror Music (Video)

"You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you." - Carly Simon We all know the type, the ones who are so self-absorbed they forget they aren't the only ones living. From the Instagram "models" who base their whole existence off the amount of likes a half naked picture of them gets to