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Shawnna – Versace Freestyle

Another day, another "Fah-Sah-Chee" freestyle. In related news, the mansion owned by Gianni Versace will actually be put on the auction block this September. So, if all you aspiring rich folks want to actually own a Versace rather than rap about it, it'll only set you back about... a couple million to start. Happy saving!

Shawnna – Sex f. Mush Millions

I still want to touch Shawnna inappropriately, and I know I'm not the only one. Props to FSD, who says that a remix to this cut featuring Missy Elliot will drop soon.

Shawnna - Snapbacks N Tattoos (She-Mix) (Video)

Directed by Rio of BXC I'm not a fan of the Driicky Graham single (like, at all), but every time Shawnna does a remake of a current song it's not so bad. I mean, she could've had some ass-rolling in the clip like this one. PREVIOUS: Shawnna – Talking That Shit (prod. Young Chop)

Trina - Beam f. Gunplay

I'm telling y'all. The rest of this year is gonna be full of Usagi Yojimbo appearances. DOWNLOAD: Trina - Beam f. Gunplay & IceBerg [via] BONUS: Trina - Bychhh f. Lola Monroe & Shawnna

Sean Rose - Tomorrow f. Shawnna

Off the Vegas rep's upcoming album, Overdrive, dropping February 10th. DOWNLOAD: Sean Rose - Tomorrow f. Shawnna & Aja (prod. Cam of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)