Skillz Speaks On Kendrick's "Control" Verse (Video)

More "Control" talk? You betcha! During a sit down with RevoltTV, Jazzy Jeff's homeboy makes some valid points on his opinion of Kendrick Lamar's verse and reveals his favorite responses (giving Los and Joe Budden a positive nod), Drake's possible response and more. And if you're in a rush, I provided a few choice quotes

DJ Jazzy Jeff: Vinyl Destinations ep.16 (Video)

On the 16th installment of his Vinyl Destination series, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew explore wildlife on an African safari. PREVIOUS: ep.15 | ep.14 | ep.13 | ep.12 | ep.11 | ep.10 | ep.9 | ep.8 | ep.7 | ep.6 | ep.5 | ep.4 | ep.3 | ep.2 | ep.1

Skillz & Bink! Announce "Untitled" Music Project (Video)

As one of the folks that didn't believe Skillz when he said he was retiring, the announcement that new music is on the horizon didn't surprise me in the slightest. However... a full project with Bink? Now that is something I didn't expect. With no title set in stone just yet, the Virginia natives speak

DJ Jazzy Jeff: Vinyl Destinations ep.15 (Video)

Still across the Atlantic, the 15th installment of Vinyl Destinations finds Jeff and company in Switzerland, Sweden and London. Featuring an appearance from DJ Premier, a story about hat sized bugs and a trip to Cape Town South Africa. PREVIOUS: ep.14 | ep.13 | ep.12 | ep.11 | ep.10 | ep.9 | ep.8 | ep.7