Skillz Speaks On Kendrick's "Control" Verse (Video)

More "Control" talk? You betcha! During a sit down with RevoltTV, Jazzy Jeff's homeboy makes some valid points on his opinion of Kendrick Lamar's verse and reveals his favorite responses (giving Los and Joe Budden a positive nod), Drake's possible response and more. And if you're in a rush, I provided a few choice quotes

DJ Jazzy Jeff: Vinyl Destinations ep.16 (Video)

On the 16th installment of his Vinyl Destination series, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew explore wildlife on an African safari. PREVIOUS: ep.15 | ep.14 | ep.13 | ep.12 | ep.11 | ep.10 | ep.9 | ep.8 | ep.7 | ep.6 | ep.5 | ep.4 | ep.3 | ep.2 | ep.1