Sole - No Wising Up No Settling Down (Album Stream)

With a May 1 release date set for his No Wising Up No Settling Down LP, Sole gave Prefix the green light to stream the entire shebang. The Denver rapper comments on anything from his growing distaste towards ignorant hypocrites, the relevancy of the Internet generation, and the repercussions of capitalism. He even finds himself

Sole - Insurgent Rap (prod. DJ Pain 1)

“Insurgent Rap” is yet another club banger produced by Madison super-producer DJ Pain 1. As the title suggests, it is a shot across the bow to the music industry & bullshit rappers. Sole talks about his own experience running a label, the perils of being a middleman, and the challenge of pushing content driven music

Sole - A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing (Album Stream)

A week before it's release, Sole gives his fans an early listen (via Soundcloud stream found after the jump) to his new album A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing . And for those needing a more visual look inside, check out the official video to "Assad is Dead" above.

Sole - No Presidents

No Presidents" is an anti ode to electoral politics, the justice system, class war, direct democracy, and war criminals. I took one of my favorite songs, "Dead Presidents" by Jay Z and fucked it all up. The simulation of "civic duty" is no substitute for taking action, so fuck the police state, "real politics is

Sole - Young Sole

Lead single off Sole's upcoming album, A Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing. PREVIOUS: Sole – Jungle Of The Real