Soul - Lean Low f. IsaiahThe3rd (Video)

Visuals for Soul's Lean Low off Shades of Green, heavily featuring the Rocksmith x 2DBZ line. Stream it below. Lean Low Featuring IsaiahThe3rd (Prod. By Chris Calor) by Soul

Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul (Video)

[youtube=] Here goes the official version of Gnarls Barkley's Who's Gonna Save My Soul joint. One of my favorite joints off The Odd Couple. Damn this shit is dope. PREVIOUS: Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul [?uestlove Version]

Phonte & DJ Brainchild Present: Gordon Gartrell Radio ep.6

It's that time again folks. Phonte & DJ Brainchild release episode 6 of their Gordon Gartrell Radio podcast. This week Phonte celebrates the release of Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80’s, discusses why Rick Ross would’ve been better off marketing himself as a rapping corrections officer, and counts down the Top 10 Golden Brown Mocha

Robin Thicke - Magic (rmx) f. Freeway

DJ Ian just hit me with another track with Freeway. This time he gets in to remix Robin Thicke's Magic. I really like the original joint. Thoughts on the remix? And I've figured it out. To get Rihanna to give it in the strangest places you gotta have money. Shit... DOWNLOAD: Robin Thicke - Magic

J*DaVey on OkayplayerTV (Video)

[vimeo 1186981] Before I get into the post I want to express something. Shake is not a fan of soccer (by any means) but I just watched the last 10 minutes of this Croatia/Turkey game and wow. That was awesome! Croatia scored with barely anytime left to go up 1-0, then Turkey came through in

Dwele - Brandi f. Slum Village x Travelin' Girl

I said below that it's been a good day in hip hop. I'm gonna have to switch that up and say music in general. This new Dwele album is pretty dope so far. I agree with my man Small Eyez though that he seems to be staying with his exact same style and sound. Some

Erykah Badu - The Healer (rmx) f. Pharoahe Monch

We've been telling you haven't we? NMC runs this! Sun is going down but that doesn't stop us, nah. Here's an exclusive exclusive. I don't tag my shit so you title/link blogs are in luck. Take it and don't give credit. We know how it works with ya'll haha. Fresh from the studio. Pharoahe Monch

Phonte & DJ Brainchild Present: Gordon Gartrell Radio ep.3

In this very special episode of Gordon Gartrell Radio Phonte and DJ Brainchild acknowledge the best TV dads*. Phonte also gives out the first annual Ed O.G. “Be A Father To Your Child” Award. I just got done telling 'Te that this is exactly what I needed. I keep finding myself lost in a 20

Dwele - I'm Cheatin' (rmx) f. Slum Village

We dropped the video to the original a few days ago and I stated that I'm a big fan and can't wait for the upcoming album, Sketches of a Man (June24th!). I'm also a huge Slum Village fan, so them getting on the remix does wonders! DOWNLOAD: Dwele - I'm Cheatin' (rmx) f. Slum Village

Phonte & DJ Brainchild Present: Gordon Gartrell Radio ep.2

Phonte & DJ Brainchild team up for episode 2 of the (2)Dope approved Gordon Gatrell Radio. Great music with hilarious commentary. What more could you ask for? This week Phonte expounds on the niggotry of the R. Kelly trial and the homoerotic nature of male-male-female threesomes. Right right? Right right. I was debating on posting

The Notorious B.U.M. (Video)

[youtube=] This has been on the internets for about 2 years, but I was just put on by a certain emcee out of North Cackalack (who reads this blog daily yet never comments. thanks a lot!). I'm with him... it's time to make some moNeeey! Dude got the hook game on lock! T-Pain and Akon

(2)Dope Unreleased Stevie Wonder Snippets!

Normally I wouldn't post a snippet of a 1-2 songs because I think it's pointless but this is Stevie fuckin Wonder dammit! Big ups to Phonte (yes that Phonte) for pointing me in the direction of these during our chillaxing session at the hotel room last night (more on that later). This is what music

Janelle Monae's OKP Interview pt.1 (Video)

[vimeo 1018822] The incredibly talented Janelle Monae speaks with OKP about Erykah Badu's Okayplayer message board post praising her work. Shouts to Tunji for his work. PREVIOUS: Janelle Monae - Metropolis (Suite I: The Chase) EP