The Republican Hater's Ball (Video)

[youtube=] Hateration in the GOP dancerie. Jay Smooth speaks on Sarah Palin and the Republican party about their time at the RNC. I missed the speeches (which I wanted to see) so I'll be searching the internets. Anyone who finds a complete showing of their speeches, hit me on the email please.

Obama x MLK (Video)

[youtube=] A dope little mash up of two historic speeches. Yes We Can.

Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech (Video)

[youtube=] I missed watching this live (and apparently should punch myself in the face, right Black?) but I knew it would be online in minutes and sure enough PoliticsTV came through. I missed out on posting all the other speeches from the likes of Bill & Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, at the Democratic National Convention

Kanye West Speech at MSG (Video)

[youtube=] Before Kanye closes out his show at Madison Square Garden he goes speaks on a slew of topics. Everything from Nas to Soulja Boy. Styles in Hip Hop to being called a fag and more. Shouts to LupeEND. UPDATE: I forgot to add some bonus footage last night. Kanye added Put On to his

Barack Obama's Victory Speech (Video)

[youtube=] Barack Obama's victory speech after taking the Democratic Party's nomination for President. Live from St. Paul, MPLS. I saw in the comments for the original post that a lot of you believe that people will vote against Obama out of spite for Hilary losing. Do you honestly thing a vast majority, a high decisive