St. Joe Louis x Flying Lotus - St. Joe Lotus (FreEP)

Art by Jahnia Holterhoff. The St. Joe Lotus EP is St. Joe Louis collaborating in a very internet way with Flying Lotus. Obviously fans of Flying Lotus in that his production is presented untouched except for vocal additions. Beginning with the Lotus Sutra each song is almost a meditation which delves into a diverse array

St Joe Louis - CCSDT

Fresh off finishing the remix (and video) for Forget To Forget (which is the next single off the JR&PH7 produced My Favorite Demons EP), St Joe Louis drops a quickstrike over Future's Same Damn Time.

St Joe Louis - David Ruffin

With the upcoming release of St Joe Lotus and The Cloud Club projects on the way St Joe Louis present their latest song "David Ruffin" inspired by lead singer of the Temptations, the late great, Davis Eli Ruffin. His chaotic life of excess leading to his fatal demise is re-imagined through each members own missteps.

St Joe Louis - Day's Life f. Rasheed Chappell & Peter Hadar

This song is dear to St Joe Louis considering it started out being created with a friend of ours who ended up taking a different path and is now serving in the armed forces. During 2010 we held several open sessions and invited our friends to come by and sometimes we actually created something other than

St Joe Louis - Kinda Strange f. Al-Kayduh

St Joe Louis make their 2012 debut with an audio hangover. Look out for their EP with JR&PH7 dropping later this month as well as their project with Flying Lotus later this year. Produced by DJ Tim Dolla (Brick Bandits)