T3 x Slum Village x XXL (Video)

After eLZhi aired some dirty laundry exclusively with XXL last week, now T3 speaks on his version of events, working with Little Brother, why eLZhi was never supposed to be on "Reunion 2" and why fans are always the one that makes great groups break up because they always pick favorites. That last line... you

T3 (of Slum Village) x XXL (Video)

One year after Baatin tragically and unexpectedly passed, T3 of the original SV on his memories to XXL. PREVIOUS: eLZhi – Kinda Like a Big Deal Freestyle

T3 & Young RJ Speak On Dilla, Baatin, Eminem, Jay-Z, etc (Video)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPUh7v6EDNc] T3 and Young RJ sit down with Ms. Drama to speak about the upcoming Slum Village album, the future of SV, the passing of both J Dilla and Baatin, Eminem being the "rap Elvis", Jay-Z still killing it and how they think Drake is making moves while J. Cole is dope but has a

Onra - The One f. T3 (of Slum Village) (Video)

The upcoming 12" single for "The One" also features 2 remixes by Detroit native and original Slum Village member, Waajeed of Bling47, coming very soon. Onra's Long Distance, in stores now.

Slum Village: Da Villa Chronicles pt.5 (Video)

Elzhi and T3 explain the reasons why Baatin left Slum Village, and eventually returned to the group. PREVIOUS: Ro Spit, T3 (Slum Village), Buff1, One Be Lo, Marv Won – Detroit Riots (prod. Black Milk)

Ro Spit, T3 (Slum Village), Buff1, One Be Lo, Marv Won - Detroit Riots (prod. Black Milk)

To commemorate Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique and Acapulco Gold's Detroit Riots collaboration, eight Michigan emcees (listed above, along with Phatboy Chief, Fat Ray & Fatt Father) contribute a verse to a Black Mlik produced cut. Both companies are known for creating designs that start conversations, create debates and educate the masses all at the same

Slum Village: Da Villa Chronicles pt.2 (Video)

In part 2 of SV's new web series, T3 speaks on some touring memories, the significance of J Dilla, and how he affected the group in his tenure with them (as well as his departure from the group). Their Villa Manifesto EP drops (online) on December 15th. PREVIOUS: Slum Village: Da Villa Chronicles pt.1 (Video)

Slum Village: Da Villa Chronicles pt.1 (Video)

In part 1 of this new Slum Village video series, T3 and Elzhi speak on Fantastic v.1 and v.2; and how Elzhi came to be welcomed into the group. UPDATE: Brought this back to the top as I've included the artwork for their upcoming Villa Manifesto EP after the jump...

T3 (Slum Village) Looking For Beats (Video)

T3 picks out beats that were submitted to Slum Village with Young RJ for the Villa Manifesto Digital EP, available online 12.15.09. Visit slumvillage.com and barakrecords.com for more information. I gotta hit up a few people *cough* NR *cough* and have them submit.

T3 (Slum Village) - HHO Artist of the Week (Video)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkpdibFJYOE] This week, HipHopOfficial dubs T3 as their Artist of the Week. In the clip above he speaks on why Baatin had to be apart of the new Slum Village album as well as his upcoming solo project.

T3 (Slum Village) - Funkadelic Freestyles Radio Interview (Audio)

Last week after the DC stop of the Rock the Bells mini-tour, Funkadelic Freestyles Radio chopped it up with T3 for a quick 10 minute interview. The Slum Village member addressed the absence of Slaughterhouse on the final night of the tour, the emotional performance the day after Baatin's death and the new Slum Village