The ILLZ - The Darkest Hour (Mixtape)

After some leaks, some delays and some mystery, the Jersey native finally comes through with his latest project. Hit the jump for the tracklist and download link.

The ILLZ - Nostalgia For The Light

The New Jersey emcee drops off another single from The Darkest Hour; which needs to drop sooner than later. I'm hearing 2013 though...

The ILLZ - A New Day

Produced by Parlay, here goes the latest leak off the Jersey emcee's upcoming project The Darkest Hour (Nov. 13). PREVIOUS: The ILLZ – MTV SuckerFree Freestyle (Video)

The ILLZ - Closer

Photo: Rodolfo Diaz Making use of Temper Trap's Soldier On as the backdrop, The ILLZ drops off his latest single. Shouts to P&P on the premiere.

The ILLZ - Faded (Video)

Directed by Kristopher Rey-Talley. Probably my favorite track from The ILLZ that I've heard. Personal thoughts aside, this new visual acts as Chapter 4 of his and Kristopher Rey Talley’s upcoming Let It Fall project. And don't forget, The Darkest Hour is still on the way and you can get your advance copy right here.

The ILLZ - Weightless (Alamar)

Photo: Rodolfo Diaz. The good folks over at TSS got the green light to premiere the latest offering from The ILLZ. Off The Darkest Hour, which needs your help to be released.

The ILLZ - Faded (Trailer)

Nice preview the last chapter of the Kristopher Rey-Talley directed piece based on The Pursuit. PREVIOUS: The ILLZ – The Darkest Hour (Trailer)

The ILLZ - Despiertate (Awake)

A little something to keep y'all entertained while The ILLZ preps The Darkest Hour*. * For those that can't wait, click here for an advanced copy of the project.

The ILLZ - Los Angeles (Video)

Directed by Kristopher Rey-Talley. Chapter 3 of The ILLZ and Kristopher Rey Talley’s upcoming Let It Fall project. The nightmare has ended, but is replaced by a cold reality that is not much different. A letter proves the pain is in fact real, the separation is definite, that she is now 'dead and gone' to him.

The ILLZ - Darkside of the Room (Video)

Chapter 2 of The ILLZ and Kristopher Rey Talley's upcoming Let It Fall project. Chapter 2 takes a much darker tone. It is the nightmare, the beginning of the decent into madness. The ILLZ finds himself in a rotting facade of a house; the house he shared with her. Trapped in it, unable to escape,