Y-O (of U-N-I) - Nothing But Paranoid Sounds

So Y-O just cut these a ccapella vocals on his laptop titled Nothing But Paranoid Sounds and is offering all of you up-and-coming producers the chance to craft up something to go along with the song. DOWNLOAD: Y-O (of U-N-I) - Nothing But Paranoid Sounds - Send all submissions to Meka.

Thurz (of U-N-I) Talks L.A. Riot, Rodney King & Crooked Cops

One half of U-N-I hopped on the phone with my old stomping grounds to talk about the inspiration behind his upcoming solo album, altercations with the police and more. The project started with the first song I recorded for the album, “Los Angeles.” Ro Blvd made the beat and initially I was gonna go in

Blu - Doin’ Something f. Pac Div, U-N-I, J*DaVeY, TiRon & Ayomari

Remember when Blu had a live performance of this during a show over a year ago? At long last the audio of the massive "New West" posse cut from NoYork! is released, courtesy of PacDivDaily. Applaud them please. DOWNLOAD: Blu - Doin’ Something f. Pac Div, U-N-I, J*DaVeY, TiRon & Ayomari | MF PREVIOUS: Bilal

Kyle Rapps - Rapps 101 f. U-N-I (prod. Kev Brown)

Y-O and Thurzday over some Kev Brown? Yes, please. Kyle's Re-Edutainment is available now [cop via iTunes]. DOWNLOAD: Kyle Rapps - Rapps 101 f. U-N-I | Mediafire PREVIOUS: Kyle Rapps – Rent (rmx) f. KRS-One (Video)

THURZ (of U-N-I) – Los Angeles

You saw a brief, rehearsal footage of Thurzday performing this track for his inaugural Paid Dues set, now here's the full version for everyone to bang in their whip. LA RIOT, coming soon. DOWNLOAD: THURZ (of U-N-I) – Los Angeles | Mediafire BONUS: "Los Angeles" Wheatpaste Package PREVIOUS: THURZ (of U-N-I) – Rodney King (prod.

THURZ (of U-N-I) Live At Paid Dues (Video)

During his debut solo set, at Cali's Paid Dues yesterday afternoon, King Thurz and beatboxer extraordinaire Faahz did their own rendition of "6'7'." PREVIOUS: THURZ (of U-N-I) – Los Angeles (Video)

THURZ (of U-N-I) - Los Angeles (Video)

Thurzday is prepping for his first solo show, happening this Saturday at California's Paid Dues festival, with the #92CREW on the festival's Dues Paid Stage. His solo debut, LA RIOT, drops soon. PREVIOUS: THURZ (of U-N-I) – Rodney King (prod. Ro Blvd)

THURZ (of U-N-I) – Rodney King BTS (Video)

THURZ and members of the #92CREW talk to the camera while shooting the "Rodney King" Evolution to provide insight on the LA RIOT album, the inspiration behind the "Rodney King" record and what they RIOT for. April 29th will mark the 19th anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots. I really hope people don't try to

THURZ (of U-N-I) - Rodney King (prod. Ro Blvd)

With today marking the 20th year anniversary of the atrocity that many remember as the 'Molotov Cocktail' that sparked the 1992 LA Riots... THURZ gives the first person perspective of the night that lead to the infamous beating of Rodney King. MEKA: Anybody that grew up during those time knew how crazy that was. I

Y-O (of U-N-I) - Blinded

Yonas Michael drops another track off his upcoming solo project, The Mixtape Before Lost In Hollywood. And no, U-N-I have not split up. DOWNLOAD: Y-O (of U-N-I) - Blinded | Mediafire PREVIOUS: Y-O (of U-N-I) – High Road

Y-O (of U-N-I) - High Road

Even though Kings Keep Marching is set to drop next month, Y-O and Thurzday are prepping their respective solo outings as well. Here is the first offering from Y-O's own The Mixtape Before Lost In Hollywood project. DOWNLOAD: Y-O (of U-N-I) - High Road | Mediafire