J. Cole Loses Phone, Questlove Finds

How crazy is this? Apparently J. Cole left his phone in in the "middle of nowhere America on a desolate highway" and somehow it's ?uestlove who makes the discovery during a routine gas station stop. ?uestlove found what turned out to be J. Cole‘s iPhone during an emergency pit stop after a benefit in Montauk

An Intimate Lecture w/ ?uestlove (Video)

If you have the time to watch this sit-down with the legendary drummer speak on life with Jimmy Fallon, perfection, Grammys and more, then definitely click play on Red Bull and Chairman Mao's spotlight on Questo.

Let’s Talk About Prince pt.2 w/ ?uestlove & D’Angelo (Video)

In this exciting episode Okayplayer TV gets the real-life origin story of the dynamic duo who are undoubtedly the heart of the entire Soulquarian movement which is the foundation of Okayplayer-ism. Turns out that the guiding spirit that brought these two jukebox heroes together was none other than Prince. We could go into more details,

?uestlove Speaks On D'Angelo's Album (Video)

Screw Detox, I've been waiting on a new D'Angelo album for the last decade or so. If you skip Ludacris' portion of this video (don't worry, he's in the second half), you'll see the Questo claims that D'Angelo's oft-delayed follow-up to Voodoo will drop this year. I'll see it when I believe it, though.

?uestlove x Danny! x Sonos (Video)

This literally came on a few minutes after Superjail had finished. Dopeness. Payback! is out now. PREVIOUS: Danny! – Myintrotoletuknow

?uestlove's J Dilla DJ Session (Video)

It's no secret that ?uesto is one of James Yancey's biggest supporters, and during an RBMA event in New York City he spent an hour playing only a small portion of his expansive catalog to an ecstatic crowd.

Neal Brennan Talks Dave Chappelle, ?uestlove & Prince (Video)

The co-creator of Chappelle's Show is the subject of Grantland's "Animated Archives," and tells this awesomely hilarious tale of what exactly happened after Dave dropped that sketch on Prince's basketball skills. Much props to The Smoking Section.

?uestlove's Tribute To The Beastie Boys

Earlier this year the Beasties were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. During his lunch break ?uesto constructed this mix, originally to serve as both a demo for the "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame staff (basically the heads of Rolling Stone) and the Beastie Boys and the gazillion prospects of guests

Hulu Presents: A Day In the Life of ?uestlove

Here's a dope 20 min documentary on a day in the life of one of the busiest and most knowledgeable men in music, ?uestlove. Yes, per usual, there are commercials. Don't let that stop you from watching this though. Everything from the origins of his name (first went by BrotheR ?), his health to his