Common - Next Time [Unreleased]

Marty unleashed another track from the Finding Forever Sessions. Why didn't this make the album? common DOWNLOAD: Common - Next Time [Unreleased] | Mediafire PREVIOUS: Common – Start the Show [Extended Version]

3 2 Unreleased Jay Electronica Tracks

I guess many heads these days consider Jay Electronica to be the new God MC? I'm at odds with such statements, although that does not take away the fact that Jay is truly a talented lyricist, but at times a pretty bad / strange Twitterer. Props to the anonymous person who sent these through. SHAKE

B.o.B - Paper Chase [Unreleased]

The email says "Paper Chase," but the song says "Purpose." You decide on what you wanna call it. SHAKE UPDATE: Just to clarify things... it is called Paper Chase and it's an unreleased joint from 2007. Enjoy. DOWNLOAD: B.o.B - Paper Chase [Unreleased] | Mediafire

Tupac Shakur: The Lost Footage pt.3 (Video)

[youtube=] In part three of this lost interview with 2Pac from 1996, the West Coast legend speaks on being jailed and his belief that Puff Daddy knew about his shooting beforehand. PREVIOUS: Tupac Shakur: The Lost Footage pt.2 (Video)

Charles Hamilton - This Perfect Life [Unreleased Album]

I guess since Charles got the (expected) boot from Interscope it's alright to let this loose. If not, feel free to hit me and I'll take it down. I don't care if this is up either way as I don't think it's that good, but I realize there is an abundance of Sonic-stans that frequent

Tupac Shakur: The Lost Footage pt.1 (Video)

[youtube=] In the midst of our catch up, I almost forgot that today marks the 13th anniversary of Tupac's untimely passing. Check out some unreleased footage (May 1996), freshly liberated by Vibe. In the clip above, Pac speaks on a unified rap nation and where he'd be in 2016.

Eminem & Proof - Hammer vs Vanilla [Unreleased]

Meka posted three rare/unreleased tracks from Marshall earlier today. And now it's time for yet another track circa 1990-91. Don't expect some lyrical miracle shit with this as it wasn't intended for the public ears and was a part of their Suckerin Rhymes (check the definition at this MySpace in the About Me section). The

2Pac - War Gamez f. The Outlawz [Unreleased]

Here goes another unreleased Pac cut. This time it's a capella style filled with shots directed at Jay-Z, Bad Boy, Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre, The Firm and more. Shouts to X. DOWNLOAD: 2Pac - War Gamez f. The Outlawz | Mediafire PREVIOUS: 2Pac - If There’s A Cure (I Don’t Want It) f. Snoop Dogg

Wale - Rain, Sleet, Snow [Unreleased]

While the world awaits Wale's upcoming mixtape, here's an unreleased joint that was supposed to find it's way on Nike's 25th Anniversary Tape for the AF1. Link swiped from OS, via Don Daniel. Back to the Feature drops tomorrow (hopefully)! DOWNLOAD: Wale - Rain, Sleet, Snow | Mediafire

Charles Hamilton - SuperSonicLove [Unreleased]

Unreleased joint off The Book Of Genesis: BonitoEnRosado14’s Buddy List (via GWHH). So uhh, where is This Perfect Life? I thought it was supposed to change the world or something. DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton - SuperSonicLove | Mediafire

Lupe Fiasco - Fire [Unreleased/NoDJ]

Originally found on Andrew's Fake Shore Drive mixtape; now fresh w/o tags courtesy of SketchesOfMySoul. And word on the internets is that Shining Down will be hitting us on Tuesday. I know that will make a LOT of c-boyz ecstatic haha. DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco - Fire (prod. DJ Marbil) | Mediafire BONUS: Wildstyle (of Crucial

Twista - I Can Make You Say (prod. Kanye West) [NoDJ]

Andrew just liberated the NoDJ version of an unreleased Twista x Kanye record. He absolutely loves it, I think it's alright. Dopeboyz consensus? DOWNLOAD: Twista - I Can Make You Say (prod. Kanye West) | Mediafire

Nickelus F – Look At The Ice f. Drake (prod. Boi 1da) [NoDJ]

Every once in a while I check my spam folder to see if there was anything I missed. Most times I don't, but this track is one such exception. SHAKE UPDATE: Incase you were wondering, this is an unreleased cut that was supposed to go on Nick & Drake's mixtape that never came out. DOWNLOAD: