Call of Duty: Ghosts Exctinction (Reveal Trailer)

I'm absolutely terrible at shooting games (I'm usually the resident "target practice" for whatever side I'm on), but since I know there are some that visit this site that thrive at these this trailer's for you. Call of Duty: Ghosts drops November 5th; you may have seen a couple of Eminem-"sponsored" ads for it already,

FIFA 14 (Starring Drake) (Trailer)

An extension of his paid surprise appearance at E3 earlier this summer, Drake - alongside some of the games stars - is slated to make a cameo appearance in the next incarnation of EA's long-standing soccer series. PREVIOUS: Drake – Nothing Was The Same (Tracklist)

NBA 2K14 (Trailer)

One thing I've noticed when I talk to people who play video games is that it's rare if you find someone that plays both NFL and NBA games. Save for my cousin and Andreas Hale, there is usually a sharp divide between fans of the NFL and NBA (and to some extent, FIFA). Hell, I'm

Madden 25: Running Back Sons (Video)

The 25th edition of EA's Madden series drops next Tuesday, August 27th (and after looking at the player ratings, the Eagles are the purest definition of a "struggle team". Good grief), and per usual they use comedy in their promo push. It's not as funny as when Paul Rudd was twerking in front of Ray

Mike Tyson Plays Mike Tyson's Punch Out! For The First Time (Video)

Mike has a reality show/quasi-documentary on the newly-launched Fox Sports 1, "Being," debuting next month, and I'm assuming that in one particular episode they capture him playing his flagship video game on the Nintendo for the very first time. This 90-second clip is more than enough to convince me to watch the series when it