Joe Budden: Returned Ransom Note

blame it on Shake October 30, 2007

Less than 12 hours after the people over at DX reached out to Ransom about the beef between him and Joe Budden; they got the other side of the story from Joey. I guess they gotta keep the turn-around time the same as the diss records haha. Joe also goes into his Def Jam leave, Mood Muzk 3, Jay-Z and says that the ALBUM will be out this summer no matter who it is through.

“I don’t know, that I don’t know. I think maybe he might have had some issues with me prior too, and just used that as a scapegoat and a reason to start dissing me out of the blue. Either that, or he could’ve really felt like I disrespected him or had some malicious intent towards him. That would be stupid, that’s my man, but Lord knows some of the things that go on in these people’s heads.” – Joe Budden on why he thinks Ransom recorded the first “diss” record.

Check the entire interview over at HipHopDX.