Ghostface Speaks Wu-Tang and New Album

blame it on Shake November 9, 2007

My dude Andres sat down with Ghostface after a performance for The Hip Hop Live Tour (Rakim, Brother Ali and Ghostface? DAMN!) Ghost let’s his thoughts be known of the new Wu-Tang album, 8 Diagrams, as well as his new solo album, The Big Doe Rehab.

“Yeah. [There is] a lot of shit why I didn’t come in. Motherfuckers owe me some money. That and a lot of other shit that’s going on. That’s why I didn’t come in. But, then I came in for the sake of my other brothers. It’s not just a RZA thing. It’s a Wu-Tang Clan thing. I’m not going to fuck around and let everybody suffer based on me not going in. But, we know now. I’m just moving right. That’s all.” – Ghost on not being a dominant role on the new Wu album.

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