Eazy-E’s Son Throw Lil Wayne Under the Bus

blame it on Shake November 17, 2007

Lil Eazy-E recently released a statement to DubCNN in regards to the “fake gangbanging” in hip hop these days. While I agree, that the “banging” in general needs to stop, this is too much…

“First of let me start of by saying much love to all my Crips, Pirus, and Bloods out there that have lived and shed blood for what they believe in and represent, but All This Extra Fake Gangbanging going on is really getting out of hand Im seeing This nigga Baby on 3 songs Blooding and LIL Wayne soowooping at the awards enough is enough this dont have nothing to do with them Blooding if they was Cripping I would have the same reaction.” – Lil Eazy-E [Via DubCNN]

First off, step ya grammar game up. That shit’s atrocious! Second, didn’t “gang banging” go out in the early 90’s? Dah well.