Rhymefest Speaks on New Album (El Che)

blame it on Shake November 17, 2007

So ‘Fest hit me with a blog entry for DX (I’m pretty sure he posts it on his Myspace as well, but that’s besides the point). Anyways … dude goes in about hit album…

Although my new album may not be what many would deem as a radio-friendly, hip-pop, line-dancing release; EL CHE will, however, fill a void that true Hip-Hop enthusiasts around the world have been experiencing. We are in a time of war, high oil prices, low wages, political unrest, and the streets in almost every urban cityscape in America is on fire with violence. The dope game is dried up. The rap game is dried up. And everyone seems to be fighting over a little piece of a crumb. However, rappers are not doing a very good job at speaking up and out about these issues that affect us all. – Rhymefest [via HipHoPDX]

‘Fest also took the time out to review Little Brother’s Getback. Check it out right here.