The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard (Saigon)

blame it on Shake November 20, 2007

Saigon, Saigon, Saigon. I’m sure by now everyone has read, heard and seen the insane shit Sai’s been on lately. If not … let’s do a quick run down shall we? Trust me, if you don’t know what I’m about to say … there’s tons of interesting shit so pay attention. From threats to slap Nelly, to beat Joe Budden up (then beat him down lyrically? naaah), to threatening to punch a female in the face (or get her jumped). Damn Sai, what’s up?!?

It starts off with Saigon being a guest on Shade45’s Lip Service show. Drunk and … drunk, Sai says that he’d slap Nelly if he we’re in the room. He also says that Prodigy can’t leave his jail cell. Ballerina P can work on them dance moves I guess. Lastly … when talking about the Prodigy “fight” one of the female guests says “…and then you run.” Not so smart if you ask me. Check out the full break down and listen to the audio over at HipHopDX.

Moving right along … Saigon wrote a blog on his Myspace (the entry has since been taken down) clearing up the radio interview and discussing his mixtape, etc. He also took the time to call out Joe Budden. In case you didn’t know, Joey was on BET and spit a freestyle, one of the lines was “…but she don’t know that I’m about to hit and run like I’m Saigon.” Joe’s known for his “recent happenings” punchlines. Dude had the first Mike Vick line, etc. Now I can see where Sai is coming from, but shit like that you just gotta laugh it off … fuck it, don’t pay it attention. Apparently Saigon and Shake are not the same…

“…tell Joe Budden that when I see him, Im going to slap EARTH, WIND and FIRE out of HIM instead. REAL TALK..I will make an example out of him, watch.. I want him to know we have a problem, because when I see him he’s all smiles and pounds, is he that desperate for attention?Why me? Im not even hot like that yet. Maybe he’s mad I have a song with the same guy who dropped him, or that Ransom exposed his sexuality….I use to live in Chilltown Jersey city, I dont know if he’s gay but I know he WAS a RnB singer…And personally, I will let him be my first lyrical victim if that’s what he wants, but only after I beat him up. Soo he can go making his songs and get his internet soldiers behind him, but until I get him, Im quiet.. realistically speaking, he’s only okay at best…and him without a Just Blaze beat is like Popeye without spinach…” – Saigon [via blog that can beread in full here.]

Budden is quick to respond as he was on Pete Rosenberg’s Hot97 show. Basically saying, he doesn’t have a problem with Sai. If he was so offended by it, he’d be happy to apologize. BUT … if Sai wants to bring, bring it. Be it an on camera battle, trading tracks back and forth … he’s down for whatever. We’ll see where it ends up. Check out the homeland for the full breakdown of the Sai/Joey story.

Getting tired of reading yet? Sorry if this is all incoherent and reads like a piece of shit. It’s 1:12 am, I’ve been up since 7ish and worked ALL day. And the beat goes on …

Now the final chapter of this story ends with another Blog from Saigon entitled … I Quit? Nothing much to “report” on this. Check it out for yourself [Saigon’s Blog].

WHEW! I need a break, see ya’ll next post!