Gravediggaz Demo (Circra 1993)

blame it on Shake December 2, 2007

With all the Wu related shit going on (Wu album leaking, Ghost leaking, Ghost calling the Wu album “bullshit“, Rae speaking out bout his distast of RZA and the Wu album, RZA interviews and more) I felt I’d take this slow day in hip hop to drop ANOTHER gem on ya’ll…

On top of being Wu-Tang’s production genius, RZA was also part of the original horror-core hip hop crew, the Gravediggaz. The group also consisted of Prince Paul, Frukwan (of Stetsasonic) and Too Poetic (of the Bruthas Grym). All taking on alias’ for the group: RZA (RZArecta), Prince Paul (the Undertaker), Too Poetic (Grym Reaper) and Frukwan (the Gatekeeper).

They released their debut album in 1994; originally titled Niggamortis but changed to 6 Feet Deep so it was more “acceptable” to the American consumer. The album consisted of classics like Diary of a Madman, Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide and 1-800 Suicide.

Before their debut they had a demo, in which Shake offers to the lovely readers of 2dopeboyz. Tracklist and download link after the jump….

01 Intro
02 Ahh Here Comes the Gravediggaz
03 Freak the Sorceress
04 Pass the Shovel
05 2 Cups of Blood
06 Ashes to Ashes
07 1-800-Suicide (snippet)

DOWNLOAD: Gravediggaz – Demo Tape (1993)