The Big Doe Rehab Chronicles (pt.1+2)

blame it on Shake December 6, 2007

Those that visit DX on the daily should have seen these already, but I thought I’d inform the people who don’t of these hilarious gems. The good people at Brooklyn Bodega teamed up with HipHopDX to release these fictional journal entries (written from the point of view of their Sneaker editor, Spaulding H. Forsythe who is in rehab with Ghost). Check the premise of the entries and a few samples below…

PREMISE: As we all have heard, Ghostface Killah has checked into Big Doe Rehab. Coincidentally, HipHopDX homies, Brooklyn Bodega and their Sneaker editor, Spaulding H. Forsythe has found himself in the same facility trying to curb his own over-spending, the result of a sneaker obsession. Watch how these two juggernauts–one of the rap game, the other of the shoe game–deal with the highs and lows of Big Doe rehabilitation, all told through Spaulding’s moving rehab journal entries. Let the healing begin.

So far, two entries have been submitted and are live on the site now. Entry three is ready but I’m letting the second catch some burn from the readers. Here are some quotes and links to each submission. Don’t eff around and NOT go and check these out!

The Big Doe Rehab pt.1: “…This morning I heard that Ghostface Killah, Pretty Toney Starks, might check himself into Big Doe Rehab. It makes sense; dude’s medallions once doubled as dinner plates. As much of a fan of his I am, all I could think about was his wallys. Last time I saw him he was wearing a gun-metal-gray pair that looked like Teflon, damn near bulletproof. Which would make sense, matching his wallets and whatnot. But, alas, the whole morning was Ghost-less.” [View entry]

The Big Doe Rehab pt.2: “…Sh*t is more frustrating then watching the Knicks try and run an offensive set. The therapists ask crazy-personal questions and you have to answer honestly. But when they get to Ghost, he’s all like, “Next question.” And then we end up getting his opinion on terry cloth vs. 100% cotton bath robes. So at today’s group meeting, I said “Pass” when the doctor asked me to list all that I have sacrificed on account of my addiction. Of course, they weren’t having that. And when I asked why Ghost could do it but not me, the response was, “Because he’s Ghostface. And he gave us ‘Daytona 500’.” [View entry]