Lupe Fiasco: Cool Like Dat (+ Bonus Track)

blame it on Shake December 19, 2007

The newest recruit in the HipHopDX arsenal, Jake Paine has a new interview with Lupe over at the homeland. Lu says Bun B and Snoop define “cool”. Yea, I can see that. Both “cool” people. Anyways, below is a quote and link to the full interview. Also, since I can’t make a post with out hitting ya’ll with some new shit … there’s also a link to the bonus track the Circuit City buyers will get (I copped at Best Buy, no bonus’). DX’s review of The Cool is also up now, written by none other than the Goddamn Editor in Chief!

DX: You’ve spoken a lot about your love for It Was Written. Most people go right to Illmatic. People are almost expected to love and study the same 15 classic rap albums or hear the same two every week. Maybe we saw this a little bit after the Vh1 incident with A Tribe Called Quest, but do you sense elitism in Hip Hop?

It’s a bad thing. To me, it’s tantamount to racism. It’s tom foolery of me to think that everybody would be open to everything else because you have people in the south who shun stuff from the east coast; if you’re from the east coast, you shun stuff that comes from the south…there’s always peer-pressure. There’s always people who push to be the elite. Like racism, everybody needs to be at some level of universality where we at least respect that we all didn’t come up in the same circumstances. We all don’t have the same influences. We’re all trying to reach the same goals, and it’s all underneath Hip Hop. But some people will push it out, and that’s when it starts to get a little spooky. Don’t shun mine ‘cause it’s got 808 [drums] in it; I won’t shun yours ‘cause it’s got a bunch of Soul samples in it. It’s all trying to reach the understanding. It can get real serious, real nasty in certain instances, but it is what it is. – Lupe [via HipHopDX]

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco – Blackout [Circuit City bonus track]