Little Brother – Twelve Days of Getback (Days 8+9)

blame it on Shake January 2, 2008

What up ya’ll, as I’ve said earlier … the New Year festivities effed my whole thought process up for a few days. I’m back on my grind though and here are the latest two entries of the Twelve Days of Getback. Phonte is dropping gems on em!

We knew this was gonna be something special. Me and Pooh had never rhymed over a tempo that fast and wanted a beat that would challenge us and take us out of our comfort zone. Normally, I’ll have a song concept in my mind and will search for a beat to fit it, but this was one of the rare occasions where the beat forced my hand. To me, the tempo and the feel of the track just said ‘old niggas steppin’ so I took it there. In writing most of the songs on this album, I was trying to think about how these joints would fit into people’s lives. Some niggas make songs for the club…..I make songs for the family reunion. Songs to get you through your day at work, songs to study, smoke, chill, drive, play spades, and get your hair done to. To me, that’s what real life is; the stuff that happens while you wait for the moments that never come (c) Lester Freamon

Day 8 – “Two Step Blues (Trumpet Reference Mix” [read blog entry]

To this day, I have no idea how 9th feels about this song. Up until a few weeks ago, we hadn’t said more than five words to each other in over a year. I reached out to him about my 12 Days of Getback concept, and he was gracious enough to do a video for ‘Breakin My Heart.’ Don’t expect a reunion, but my guess is that he, like me, is just making music and moving on with life. It could be the English major in me overanalyzing shit, but I interpreted his Listening-sample reflips on Dream Merchant 2 as his way of paying homage to his past and saying goodbye to that period in our lives……(I thought all those interludes were dope as fuck, btw…..)

Day 9 – “That Ain’t Love (Faceemo Mix)” [read blog entry]