Shake’s Soul Mix Show: Put You On Timeout

blame it on Shake January 12, 2008


Shake >>> Meka. Honestly, I just wanted to be as cool as the guy that “should be banned and never allowed to write again because he’s a fuckin racist racist (yes two times)” (c) MPT. LMAO. Saw this track requested by the swedish chef in the comments. This song actually caused crazy controversy over at DX. Anyone remember that? After a conference call was held, the accusation was retracted (I still think the ex-Wolverine did some shady shit though).

DOWNLOAD: The Wiz – What Would I Do If I Could Feel f. Nipsey Russell
DOWNLOAD: Nas – Surviving the Times (prod. Chris Webber)
DOWNLOAD: Wordsmith – As the Art Fades Away (prod. Strada)